Limestone Networks brings Public Cloud Reselling Solutions

Limestone Networks has launched advanced and innovative solutions regarding public cloud reselling in the existing industry. Limestone Networks is one of the top IaaS provider of cloud hosting services and it has created a solution of public cloud reselling which already is of high demand and is quite a promising business prospect for people in this industry. Limestone Networks offers the people easy and quite reasonable public cloud reselling solutions which makes starting of any business a relatively easy task.

Easy and convenient

Limestone Networks’ chief and primary control panel which is known as the OnePortal offers the clients of this one of the largest IaaS providing company control on a large scale basis over the hosting done by them by means of a wide-ranging API. The present features of this strong and powerful client – oriented and management portal are automatic reloading of OS, port control and power control along with white labeling and analyzing the networks and the any problem related to it.

With this newly launched solution which is completely dedicated to public cloud reselling Limestone Networks is now incorporated with WHMCS without any trouble, quite easily. LSN clients can now conveniently resell cloud as well as other dedicated servers directly at once with the available plug-in which they can get free of cost.

Extensive research and superior quality services

With this solution by the Limestone Networks resellers now can do a lot more than they could do in the past times. They can effortlessly modify the automated requirements as well as cancellations of the cloud which also includes altering the firewall of the computer and administrates the network servers and measure the clients’ orders. The Limestone Networks public cloud that offers linux vps solution like photonvps was made keeping in mind the dynamic and rigid demands of the company-oriented customers so as to satisfy their needs.

Much research was done by the Limestone Networks regarding the demands in the consumer markets regarding cloud reselling along with the level of performance wanted by the customers, whether they will be able to afford it or not and also keeping in mind the usage requirement. Routers which are used to build the LSN (Limestone Networks) Cloud is brought from reputed companies such as Juniper and Cisco and they have used hypervisors series by Xeon E5 along with distribution of SSD storage by the OnAPP. Limestone Networks is the best in the industry and promises its customers’ quality services and features at a price range which is pretty reasonable for more or less everyone.