Coding Bootcamps Are Gaining Popularity

coding888The second annual study found the amount of schools, which focus particularly on computer programming degree, rose from 43 to 67 in 2015.  On the other hand, the amount of coding bootcamps rose 138% compared to 2014.  For the time being, coding bootcamps do not mean the ending of computer science degrees by any means.

In addition, the analysis found that Ruby was the frequent teaching language, used in 35 percent of lessons. JavaScript is gaining popularity in the last year and now accounts for 21 percent of lessons. Full stack software like Meteor are gaining popularity among programmers at an extremely rapid pace.

With the help of cloud providers, developers are able to churn out code at a faster rate today compared to few years ago.  Development tools today allow coders to go from a cloud setup to multiple server setup on a dedicated server with just few changes to the code.

So far San Francisco is the main hub where all these bootcamps are taking place followed by New York, Seattle, Portland and Chicago.  It will be interesting to see how bootcamps will evolve over the next few years as more and more people are learning how to code.